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Fishing Guide


SylvainFishon, your fishing guide (charter),  invites you aboard on his fishing boat, “SYLVAINFISHON” where you will live an unforgettable fishing experience alone or in groups.

Your charter, Sylvain, is a passionate man about fishing and hunting since early childhood. He gained experience in several trips on Quebec lake. Now, fans of salmonids since few years, he traveled on Lake Ontario in search of the finest trophy’s.

Despite his young age, he already ranks among the excellent fishing of salmon on Lake Ontario … an amazing fishing man on Quebec lake and river.

Sylvain promises a trip filled with beautiful feeling strong catches. His recent fishing trips on Lake Ontario sponsored by Best Charters have enabled him to spend much time on the water, giving it a distinct advantage in his discovery of the secrets of fishing on the lake Ontario.


Promoting the quality of fishing on the waters of Quebec and Lake Ontario are no longer promoted.

These fishing spots are privileged few places in the world where found a diversity of fish species abundant quantity and quality.

Practicing my favorite sport since my very early childhood, I have delivered fighting lightning. When you hear “FISH ON” and when it is your turn to fight these trophy fish, Feel the adrenaline in you for that moment becomes memorable.



Sylvain Thibeault, your fishing guide (charter), will be so pleased disseminate best fishing techniques that you make the most of the battle orchestrated between you and your trophy capture.

The ideal objective when you’re on the “SYLVAINFISHON” with your fishing guide (charter), will make you live an unforgettable fishing trip.

Whether you’re fishing for salmon, rainbow trout, lake trout, walleye, pike, muske, sturgeon, bass or shad, the expedition will take your breath away and leave you on a perpetual memory.

Remember, Experience are made to be lived …


Fishing Trip:

Lake Ontario– Salmon & Trout

Bay Quinte – Giant Walleye

Hydro-Quebec Dam – American Shad

St-Lawrence river

Ice Fishing


Your Charter

Sylvain Thibeault

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