Boat Fishing Charter


Boat Fishing Charter

 The boat “SYLVAINFISHON” welcomes you on a fishing excursion with your best fishing charter, Sylvain Thibeault. It will give you an unforgettable experience of fishing trip alone or in a group.

Boat Fishing Charter SYLVAINFISHONSYLVAINFISHON Boat Fishing Charter

Your captain SylvainFishon, is responsible for driving the boat while referring to the GPS and sonar. The fishing charter installs all fishing rods (maximum 12), selection of lures and entertain you. Moreover, you will discover the secret places where they take their best catch. Whether your first or hundredth trip, they will ensure the perfect day to aboard the SYLVAINFISHON fishing boat.

First of all, the fishing boat is equipped with the high technology equipment containing multiple technical elements such as AM / FM, VHF providing basic communication with the Coast Guard, and a sonar Lawrence Global NAV 310 and a GPS Global Map 5300 Lawrence and also, not forgetting a GPS sonar LMS 520. Evenly, an hydraulic autopilot (remote control) with 4 downriggers (Big John) rods 20 gates, 17 fishing lines, 2 large mesh size to snuff fish, 2 large coolers and 10 lifejackets. For propulsion on the water, a 5.7 engine and an auxiliary engine Mercury 20 4 stroke power.

SYLVAINFISHON Fishing Charter BoatFishing rod SylvainFishon

Fishing lure SylvainFishonFishing spoon lure SylvainFishon

This fishing boat 26 feet by 8 feet and a half has been inspected and approved by Transport Canada (Survey) and his captain bears the main safety course FUMA 3 and VOP ensure safety on board and a high quality experience to its passengers during a fishing trip. The boat capacity is 10 people but as an excursion up to 5-6 people to be more comfortable. Multiples fishing lines are deployed for a maximum of twelve. all security and certified licenses are up to date.

Enjoy your dayly fishing and aboard on SYLVAINFISHON embarcation with your best fishing charter.

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