American Shad Charter



Promoting American Shad fishing excursion to Hydro-Quebec dam on Prairies river with the fishing guide (Charter) SylvainFishon is no more need to be promote. This privileged location of fishing is one of the few places in the world where you find American Shad in abundant quantity and quality.

Sylvainfishon your american shad fishing guide (charter), will then be pleased to let you know the best fishing shad techniques so that you get the most out of the fight that will occur between you and your trophy catch.

Remember experience are made to be lived …

American shad fishinh daySeason: May 1st to October 1st;

Limite: 5 American Shad

Fishing Day for 1 person (full day): $150

 Maximum Group of 6 person

*** New Group Discount Available ***

Pricing can Change without Advice


Trip Departures from Marina Bobino at 9100 Milles-Iles Blvd in Laval.

Departure – 6:00 am

Arrival (approx.) – 15:00 pm (before if your fish limit is reach)


The fishing trip must be booked at least 1 month in advance including a deposit of 50$.

Cash or personal check address to Sylvain Thibeault only

For any cancellation notice at least 2 weeks before the date of the trip.

Your deposit will be refunded only if these criteria are applicable:

  • Cancellation made 2 weeks or more before your scheduled departure date;
  • In case of complete cancellation of the output by the captain due to bad weather, the excursion will be postpone;
  • If the day should be shortened due to bad weather, the price will be adjusted proportionately;
  • If the day should be shortened at the request of the customer (s) (sore heart, for example), the regular rate will prevail anyway.

We reserve the right to refuse certain customers for any reason whatsoever.

“Book Now, Places are Limited”



Take highway 440 E
Exit 34 Qc-125/Montée Masson
direction Rang du bas St-Francois/Avenue Marcel-Villeneuve
turn left on Montée Masson
Continue straight on Marcel-Villeneuve
turn left on Montée du Moulin
turn right on boulevard des Milles-Iles
Marina Bobino
9100 Boulevard des Milles-Iles,
Laval, QC, H7A 4C6
(450) 666-1395

What to bring on board

American shad fishing on Sylvainfishon boatYou must bring

  • Your valid fishing license (not Available on site)
  • Your food and beverages
  • Your camera
  • Large cooler
  • A waterproof clothing
  • Warm clothing (Winter suit, warm hats, warm gloves)
  • Warm Shoes
  • Your best smile

For seasickness we suggest stamps, bracelet, pills of scopolaminia


Your catch will be cut into fillets your free guide.

Please bring bags like Ziploc freezer, wide format, packaging and so a cooler of high capacity.

Ice is available at the marina for your trip home.

  • Please note: The consumption of any illegal substance will not be tolerated, including the alcohol and drugs.

Other information- Upon request

Fishing License

Fishing licenses of Quebec are required; Not Available on Site

  • Annual or one-day fishing license available at Canadian Tire

For more informations, contact SylvainFishon


American Shad

Alosa sapidissima (American Shad) is distinguished by its body of slender, high and very flattened form. With an average of 38 cm, adult specimens can measure up to 76 cm for a mass of between 0.9 and 1.4 kg. The species has a very forked caudal fin and an elongated anal fin. It possesses neither a lateral line nor adipose fin. Its coloring is silvered with a blue or blue-green luster on the back and shiny silver sides. When entering freshwater for breeding, the pigmentation may become darker, taking a bronzed or coppery tint, pulling red for the head and ventral parts.


A black spot is visible near the top edge of the operculum, sometimes followed by smaller patches. Its lower jaw fits into a notch in its upper jaw. It is also recognized by its large, easily detached scales. The ventral surface of Shad is thin with sawtooth scales. In terms of internal characteristics, Shad has teeth with premaxillary and lower jaw, a silver peritoneum, and between 53 and 59 vertebrae. She can live up to 13 years.

American Shad is a species that can migrate over great distances. It is found mainly on the coasts, estuaries and rivers on the east coast of North America, the St. Lawrence River, Rivieres des Prairies river in Quebec (Canada), the St. John’s River in Florida United). Males are the first to arrive at the spawning river. When the females do so shortly thereafter, the act of spawning will be accomplished if conditions are favorable, especially at temperatures of at least 12 ° C and from dusk. The peak of breeding activity occurs at temperatures close to 18.3 ° C in May and June and even in July in Canadian waters.

American Shad has a soft and flaky white flesh which is one of the tastiest. However, it contains many edges, which discourages some. In Quebec, this fishery is mainly practiced in the Montreal area, particularly at the Rivieres des Prairies river . Fly fishing is the best method used to capture American Shad. The yield is highest in late May and between 6am and 5pm. The species would be more caught for the strong sensations procured than for the consumption of its flesh.

In Quebec, populations of American Shad, which after a long migration from the sea reaches Canadian freshwater waters, are found at the northern end of the distribution of the species. In Quebec, American Shad ascends the St. Lawrence River, mainly to the Montreal area. It then takes the  Rivieres des Prairies or Thousand Islands rivers to join Lake Deux-Montagnes and the Ottawa River. Two spawning areas are known for its protection, that of Carillon upstream of the lake of Deux-Montagnes and that of the Rivieres des Prairies river .

The two known spawning areas are located just downstream from hydroelectric dams (on the Ottawa River and the  Rivieres des Prairies River).


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